"When it comes to purchasing your next car, our aim at 1BR is to help you to find the funding solution that best suits you. Our finance packages are designed to make your dream car an affordable reality".

With our excellent range of flexible finance options, purchasing and owning your next car has never been easier; our carefully selected finance deals make it easy for you to purchase your next car.

We work with various funders to provide you with a bespoke finance package. We can complete the finance proposal with you or we can send you a link that enables you to do this. Either way, you have the ability to change your deposit and/or monthly payments to suit your personal circumstances and to get the package that works for you. Once accepted, we contact you and process all of the necessary paperwork.

These bespoke finance packages enable you to buy a car with monthly instalments; they all involve a deposit followed by monthly payment and some, depending upon your chosen finance option, may include a balloon payment at the end of the loan period.

Here at 1BR, we offer two main finance options to choose from, Hire Purchase (HP), Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) (but do contact us if you are interested Personal Contract Hire (PCH)). We have given a brief explanation of these options below.


Hire Purchase (HP)

This is probably the most simple and straightforward agreement. You will normally pay an initial deposit payment and will then pay off the balance with monthly instalments. When all of the payments have been made, the HP agreement ends and you own the car.

You can spread the cost of your car by paying fixed monthly instalments. With terms available from 12 to 60 months and an optional deposit amount, you can choose the right payment plan that suits your budget.

The benefits of this type of finance agreement are that deposits are flexible and having fixed interest rates and monthly payment makes budgeting a whole lot easier.


Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)

Always a popular option: at the beginning of the agreement the residual payment is set by the Finance Company, based on their assessment of the future value of your car (Guaranteed Minimum Future Value - (GMFV). This is guaranteed by the finance lender and is based on annual mileage and length of agreement.

At the end of the finance agreement you have three options:
  • Settle the residual payment due - refinancing the balloon payment (GMFV) into a new HP Agreement may be an option.
  • Hand the car back to the Finance Company (conditions apply - there may be additional charges if you have exceeded the mileage limit set out in your agreement or if the vehicle is damaged).
  • Part exchange it for another car - most of our clients choose to use any equity in the vehicle as a deposit against their next purchase from us. The great thing is that you do not have to wait until the end of the agreement to do this; you can change at any time.

Enjoy lower monthly payments with this option than you would have with a traditional HP Agreement, and the flexibility to decide what's best for you at a later date. Terms range from 3 - 4 years.

Bespoke Finance

Finance personally designed to suit you and your vehicle; a range of options that you can tailor to your needs and circumstances.

Personal Service

We complete the application with you; face to face or over the phone. Whilst its all done online you get to speak to a person. We follow up the application and contact you once it's approved.

Expert Knowledge

We specialise in prestige and performance vehicles and exceptional customer service. This is our main focus.

Competitive Rates

Fast results, at competitive fixed rates, with the ability to achieve low monthly repayments; you adjust the deposit and/or monthly repayments until it is the right agreement for you.